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Windows 10’s Outlook 2016 E-mail Setup Guide

The following guide illustrates how to properly configure Outlook 2016 in Windows 10.

1. Open the File menu on the top left corner

3. In “Info”, choose Add Account

4. Choose Manual setup or additional server types and press Next

5. Choose POP or IMAP and press Next

6. Fill the fields:

  • User Information
    • Your Name: Name that will appear as sender in the e-mail
    • Email Address: Fill with the user’s Técnico e-mail address (  (do not use istID. Example:
  • Server Information
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Logon Information
    • UserName: istID
    • Password: Técnico’s services (Fénix) password

On the lower right corner, press More Settings…

7. In the Outgoing Server tab, select the option My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server

8. In the Advanced tab, modify the following settings:

  • Incoming server (IMAP): 993
  • Use the following type of encrypted connections: SSL
  • Outgoing server (IMAP): 465
  • Use the following type of encrypted connections: SSL

In the lower right corner, press Ok

9. In the lower right corner, press Next

10. Wait for the connection tests to be Completed, then press Close. On the lower right corner of the new window, press Finish

Outlook 2016 setup is completed.