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Overview of Tecnico Lisboa Computing Infrastructures

Tecnico Lisboa is divided in three separated campi: Alameda (central Lisbon), Taguspark (Oeiras) and CTN (Loures). Major computing infrastructures are hosted in the Alameda datacenter, which holds a total power capacity of 100KW, and Taguspark, with a total power capacity of 40KW. Both Alameda and Taguspark datacenters have secured power supplies with redundant Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPSs), emergency generators, and in-row, state of the art air conditioning systems. These larger computational hubs are complemented by smaller technical rooms spread by the three campi, for specific research or academic support, located near research centers or academic departments.

The overall Tecnico core and distribution network comprises more that 300 switches and 40 routers, complemented by more than 640 wireless access points. This infrastructure is connected to the Portuguese National Research Network by two redundant 10Gbit/s optical links.

Main central administrative and academic services are supported by 125 physical computing  servers, with a total storage capacity of about 1.5Pbytes.

Scientific computing infrastructures are partially distributed by research centers. The major scientific computing hub  is supported in an OpenStack open source virtualization plataform, divided in two separated regions, each physically located in each one of the Alameda and Taguspark datacenters, which manages a pool of 1368 computing cores, holding a total RAM of 6 528GB and a raw storage of about 1 656 TBytes. These computing nodes are complemented by 8 GPUs, which are jointly able to sustain a computing power of up to 125.6 single precision Tflops.