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Access to HPC resources from the Rede Nacional de Computação Avançada (RNCA) through the HPCvLAB program

Professors and researchers (with a PhD) from the IST ecossystem are eligible to request high-performance computational resources through the HPCvLAB program from the RNCA. Presently, the resources will be availabe at with the supercomputer Cirrus@INCD. This method for requesting computational time complements the other forms of access already in place and provided by the RNCA.

The goals of the HPCvLAB are to a) support new users without previous HPC experience; b) give access to HPC resources to supervisors of MSc and PhD students and/or courses; and c) promote any other goals from EuroCC2 or RNCA. More experienced HPC users should use the regular calls from RNCA.

Typical requests should not exceed 30k cpu core hours (the typical amount awarded on A0 calls of the RNCA).

At this time (May 2024), the computational time available is mostly CPUs, although we also have access to GPU resources in a smaller scale.

To request access, please fill the form available here. If you have any questions, please contact Thales Silva.