Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática


The DSI mission is to provide innovative and advanced TIC services, preferably supported on open source technologies which allow ubiquitous access to all IST services with high reliability and redundancy, enabling the dematerialisation of academic and administrative processes and the use of transparently services by its users.

In order to performance of its mission, DSI purposes are:

  • Creation, management and maintenance of a unified communications infrastructure and high performance for all campus of the IST, endowed with levels of redundancy and monitoring systems in real time, enabling the provision of permanent and transversal availability to all places in IST;
  • Creation and management of a service architecture that supports the dematerialization of administrative processes and ubiquitious access to information and be able to respond flexibly and efficiently to organizational and regulatory changes;
  • A shared creation of applications to support academic and administrative activities, using a supported development team in advanced methods of software engineering, with preference adoption of licensing models based on open source software, as the essential way to the preservation and deissemination of knowledge according to a philosophy of open knowledge;
  • Creation of IST development projects, by employees and users of DSI, updating processes, skills and technologies, according to individual needs and ambitions;
  • Integration of technical and scientific contributions by teachers and researchers in new projects, in order to capitalize on the scientific excellence of IST and empower the creation of reference services to academic and administrative level.