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SolidWorks is a software CAD 3D, next generation, for Windows and Mac, obtained pelo Mechanical Eng. Department.

It pairs the new tecnologies giving tools to topology optimization and reverse engeneering.

How to install the software?

The licenses are no longer free, and only apllies to GMD students or related.

1. The license should be asked to teachers and is for 365 days.

2. To obtain it users must have an account at MySolidWorks where is indicated their

3. The download that will happen next needs 20Gb free space on your device.

4. To install consider the following requirements

Other people must use SolidEdge, because has the same core and works very similar.


  1. When logging my account appears the warning “Authentication has been blocked“. What should i do? Contact  helpdesk
  2. After install SolidWorks in a new PC, SQL says another server already exists. How can i desactivate it on the old PC and use on the new? Contact helpdesk