Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática

Group Management

Any group of individuals linked to Técnico and officially recognized by the Management Council may request SI accommodation services in AFS, electronic mail, database and web service.

The management of these services is done through self-service, where:

  • Users, members of the group, who can access e-mail and web area (via AFS).
  • Administrators, also members of the group, but with administration privileges, who can manage other users and administrators, as well as group services.

For groups the following services are available::

  • Domain type <grupo>, with web hosting and service;
  • Email account of type <grupo>;
  • Redirection accounts for electronic mail of type redirecionamento@<grupo>;
  • Email lists of discussion and dissemination;
  • Database account at;
  • In very specific cases, RT lists can be created and parameterized.