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1. I didn´t activate SPSS  during installation and trial period ended. How can i activate the software now?

Search the aplicattion to register software on left bottom of Windows 10 display: ‘SPSS License      Authorization Wizard‘.

Then follow the steps presented on the previous page.

2. Can i install SPSS on Mac OSX and Linux?

Yes. Since version 24.

3. I updated the code, but reopening SPSS still says license expired. What to do?

Please install the latest version that has all needed fixes.

4. I want to install R Essentials and integrate with SPSS, how?

  1. Install the latest version downloaded from
  2. Integrate R with SPSS Statistics:

– open Statistics 27
– at Menu Extension select Extension hub
– at Search write ‘configuration’
– go to Menu Category and select Utility
– at Menu State select Not installed
– do Apply
– install the R extension related to R version installed (p.ex. STATS_R41_CONFIGURATION)
– return to Menu Extension and select the R configuration installed (p.ex. R4.1 Configuration) and specify the path where R is installed.

5. SPSS makes content analysis?

Yes, throught Text Analytics

6. SPSS 29.0 run well at MacOS Sonoma 14.4 ?

Not always. Please install version 29.0.2 available at usual network share \\\spss