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FAQs Zoom

  1.   How obtain a zoom session report?

This way.

   2.  I have a basic Zoom account, logged in through IST. I done a UC valuation, associating this account to FCT/FCCN´s videoconf-colibri. Can i get valuation use reports with the basic Zoom account?

No. With the basic Zoom account, you get reports of meetings done with this basic Zoom account. To get valuation reports of not-basic Zoom account meetings, you should associate it again to FCT/FCCN´s videoconf-colibri.

    3. How many parallel sessions can i have with Zoom-colibri license? And with WebinarTécnico license?

With colibri: several. With Webinar-Técnico license: 2

  4. How to create a Webinar´s link?

This way

 5. I need a meeting for 500 listeners. Which license should i use?

The Pro account with Webinar extension.