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FAQs Azure

1. After Sign In at portal Microsoft Azure for Teaching i don´t find the product i need. There´s only a few. What can i do?

The list should show 160 products, including Visio and Windows 10. If you don´t see them, please fill in this Microsoft suport form. The resolution will take 24h.

2. I am a user´s portal. How many Windows 10 installations can i do with the given key?


3. I´m a tacher and just buy a new computer, without Microsoft Windows license. Can i legally install Windows deployed on this portal?

Yes, since computer will be used on your teaching or research activities. This activities are the main goal of the deployed products to teachers, researchers or students.

4. I use the Azure for Teaching resources. But they expired. Can be renewed?

No. When free credits are spent, as the subscription is individual, you must do its upgrade filling in the future payment method: