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Installing and configuring Kerberos in Linux

In order to install Kerberos in Linux, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Install the krb5-user package:
    • >$ sudo apt-get install krb5-user
  2. During the installation of the package, fill the default domain with IST.UTL.PT

Obtain a Kerberos ticket

To obtain a kerberos ticket, you can use the command kinit:

  • >$ kinit istxxxxx – where istxxxxx corresponds to your Técnico ID. Then, insert the respective password.

To verify if we have a valid kerberos ticket, we can use the command klist, which displays the valid tickets at the moment.

If, by any chance, you have not inserted the default domain during the installation of the krb5-user package, the command to obtain the kerberos ticket should be the following:

  • >$ kinit istxxxxx@IST.UTL.PT – where istxxxxx corresponds to your Técnico ID. Then, insert the respective password.

After this step, you can change de default domain field in the “/etc/krb5.conf” file, making the following modifications:

  • default_realm = IST.UTL.PT

Other useful commands

  • kdestroy – destroys the ticket that was emited by the server