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  • 2 of Nov.
  • 2021

E-mail service is down

The email service was unavailable between 00:05 and 19:25 today, November 2, 2021.
The cause of the problem is related to data corruption, caused by a hardware failure in a disk system that affected thousands of mailboxes. Despite the multiple levels of redundancy that the mail …

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  • 12 of Apr.
  • 2016

DNSSEC available in the domain “”

Since April 4th, the domain “” is being supported by DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions).
This change allows a step further towards an improvement in access security to computer services hosted in IST.
This new feature will allow the publication of various types of DNS records …

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  • 3 of Dec.
  • 2015

New webmail system

Técnico’s webmail system at will have a new design on Monday, 7th December 2015 around 3 PM.
The structure will be similar to the current version with no significant changes in how to use the webmail system.

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  • 12 of Nov.
  • 2015

Ephorus: Logins Cancelled

We inform that the logins to the application Ephorus were cancelled in October by Turnitin manufacturer throughout ULisboa, following a failure renewal of this software.
The software in this contract is the Urkund, and wait for details about the disposal.
It is likely that the creation of …

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  • 27 of Oct.
  • 2015

Ephorus/Turnitin – Login unavailable

We inform that the logins on the website of Ephorus / Turnitin are temporarily blocked.
Following the acquisition of the company by Ephorus Turnitin, coinciding with the renewal of the current contract, the manufacturer maintains the logins already allocated suspended throughout ULisboa.
This difficulty began in mid-October, and …

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  • 8 of Jun.
  • 2015

Technical interruption at FenixEdu Web Service

Today, 08th June, after 7 PM will be performed a technical intervention to set up the new version of the Fénix system (version 5).
The system will be unavailable between 19h and 20h.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the feedback to be sent to:

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  • 20 of Feb.
  • 2015

The new digital identity | Técnico ID

From 2nd March the Computer and Network Services at IST will provide a new authentication service for the several websites and services of Técnico, safer and optimized for mobile devices, called Técnico ID. The username (ex: ist12345) and password will remain the same, but the …

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  • 15 of Jan.
  • 2015

Campus Alameda has Google Maps Indoor

Instituto Superior Técnico’s Computer and Network Services (DSI) established, last year, a partnership with Google, making this school a pioneer Portuguese institution with Google Maps Indoors, a feature that allows users to access the internal maps of buildings/Campus.
Campus Alameda will be the first to be …

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  • 31 of Jul.
  • 2014

Failure of several information systems

Yesterday, 30th of July, due to a failure in a Network Attached Storage, several operating systems that depended on this where affected by this problem.
As we are in the holiday season, right now we have a reduced technical operations team which contributed to a larger …

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  • 14 of Apr.
  • 2014

High Definition Streaming Video Service

Besides borrowing audio-visual material for image recording (video camera, tripod and wireless microphone), a new service is currently available to the Técnico community. You can now use a new tool for recording and streaming video, the Matrox HD Monarch, which allows the streaming of live …

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  • 27 of Feb.
  • 2014

FenixEdu project will award the best sentence

The Ignition event of the FenixEdu project is integrated in the XXI SINFO. On Thursday, February 27, the team of the FenixEdu project will be participating in SINFO, throughout the day.
10:00am – 05:20pm \ Workshops – Room 01.1 (Congress Center)
Members of the FenixEdu project team …

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  • 27 of Jan.
  • 2014

Update OpenAFS

It is necessary to update the OpenAFS client.
Due to a security issue the old clients will stop working on the 5th of February. On this day DSI will perform an upgrade to OpenAFS servers which is incompatible with older clients.
To continue using the OpenAFS on …

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  • 13 of Jan.
  • 2014

Fenix Downtime

The Fénix system will be taken off-line for maintenance during this night.
The expected system downtime is about 2 hours and will begin around 21h00.

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  • 4 of Nov.
  • 2013

Técnico e-mail addresses: new domain

Since the creation of the new domain the e-mail addresses of Técnico have been transferred to which means that the addresses remain basically the same, just the domain changes.
In order to use the new domain, you must reconfigure or update your account settings. Please follow …

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