Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática

Unix Shell

SI makes available to Técnico community a Unix shell service.

This shell runs on the Sigma server, at, accessible through applications with SSH protocol.

Users authenticate to Sigma with the Técnico ID and can run on it:

  • projects;
  • scientific calculation work;
  • programs of research, experimentation and/or simulation;
  • native Unix applications.

Sigma bases its storage on the AFS service.

Who has access to the sigma cluster?

All users with Técnico ID can have access to the sigma cluster through the domain, using as login credentials the respective username and password associated to the Técnico ID, since there is no need for an explicit user registration process.

In order to have access to the sigma cluster it is necessary to activate the “shell Unix” service in the DSI self-service page.

Acess to the sigma cluster

To access the sigma cluster, refer to the instructions in the sigma access page.