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Wireless network

SI has the responsability to:

  1. Plan the coverage of the wireless network signal;
  2. Install and configure access points (APs) that emit the wireless signal;
  3. Monitor and maintain the APs;
  4. Provide IP connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6) to users who connect to APs, just as if they were connecting to the physical network;
  5. Implement the access control mechanisms to the wireless network, standardized according to the specifications of the Eduroam network.

Eduroam Network

Técnico is connected to the Eduroam worldwide network.

Locally, this is a wireless network service, where users can safely roam between different Higher Education and Research institutions (worldwide). Externally, Técnico’s users may use their credentials to access Eduroam networks from other higher education or research schools (hence the relevant need to use the suffix in the username field when setting up the connection to the Eduroam network).


Generic parameters for the configuration of Técnico’s wireless network Eduroam

To have access to the eduroam wireless network, it is necessary to have the IST authentication credentials, as well as the IST Root CA Certificate  installed on the device.

The generic configuration parameters of the eduroam wireless network are:

Parameter Value
Security WPA
EAP method PEAP or TTLS
PEAP version 0 (zero)
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPv2
Root CA Certificate IST Root CA Certificate
Root CA Certificate Fingerprint (SHA-1) 59:F5:C2:C1:A9:CC:B7:34:DE:1C:3E:14:7A:A2:53:C6:57:1E:E7:AF
Anonymous identity (1)
Domain IST – eduroam
Username, where istxxxxx corresponds to your Técnico ID, followed by the suffix “” (mandatory)
Password Password associated to your Técnico ID

(1) To ensure the users’ privacy, it is not advisable to share any private information in this field.


Wireless network (Eduroam) configuration instructions:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

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