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The e-mail service is available to all IST community.

Authentication to this service is done with your Técnico ID credentials, whether you are using an e-mail client of your pick or using our WebMail.

The users mailbox is provided with 5 Gigabyte of initial quota space, anti-spam and anti-vírus filters for your protection. And user is allowed to pick his favourite e-Mail client (i.e. WebMail, Outlook, Thunderbird,, Evolution, etc).

Important information about the e-mail service:

The email service at Técnico, like email systems at other institutions, implements several checks against spam, forged emails, and phishing attempts. These are checks that have gradually made more strict and may lead to the rejection of misconfigured emails. Therefore we strongly recommend our users to bear in mind the following alerts when configuring the service:

In our support web pages you can find answers to most frequently asked questions:

E-mail client configuration instructions: