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Digital Certificates

To access certain Técnico’s IT services, such as the eduroam network, Técnico’s root digital certificate is required.

Digital certificates exist to guarantee the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user’s computer and the server. In particular when accessing a website through a secure connection, it provides us with a digital certificate signed by a certifying entity (for example: TERENA). When the signature on this certificate is verified to be correct, the browser takes care of accepting it and, consequently, establishing the SSL/TLS connection. If the signature is not accepted, the connection is not established immediately by the browser, since it will mean that the key that is explicitly declared in the certificate is invalid. It will then be up to the user to trust or mistrust the received document.

Técnico and FCCN are two entities responsible for issuing and revoking digital certificates (X.509).

Certificates for a server

For issuing certificates to a user’s server, such as a domain or IP, users can request:

Certificates for personal use

For the issuance of certificates for personal use, such as for use in e-mail, users may request:

  • the digital certificate of Técnico´s Root Certification Authority. For this certificate to be valid, you must also install the Técnico’s root digital certificate.

In SI User Support it is possible to know: