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Collective academic entities (eg courses, scientific areas or others) that wish to use Web page functionalities not supported by the Fénix system, as well as other entities, associations or organizations that require a generic place to store their pages can enjoy the hosting service of web pages made available by SI.

In this case, it is imperative that users (particularly those who have the responsibility to administer these pages) be familiar with the concepts of groups and access control lists (ACLs) supported by the AFS system, since the pages will be kept collectively group users.

These pages will be public at, where entity represents the name of the project, group or entity. Upon request, the address of the page can be, in which entity represents the name of the project, group or entity.

In particular cases, such as events or associations, a domain address outside Técnico can be registered, such as This address should be the responsibility of who administers the page of the event or association. Notwithstanding, when requesting the creation of the group corresponding to the event or association, SI should be requested to provide the relevant information to register.

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