Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática


The DSI contains the following areas:

  • Applications and Information Systems Area (AASI)
  • Infrastrutures Area (AI)
  • Connection User Area (ALU)
  • Computer Services Area of Taguspark (ASIT)

Áreas da DSI

Each area is organized into different cores, depending on the area of intervention and exercise of their functions.

The Applications and Information Systems Area (AASI) include the Academic Application Core (NAA) and the Administrative Management Application Core (NAGA).

Organigrama: Núcleos da AASI

Cores of the Applications and Information Systems Area

The Infrastrutures Area (AI) include the Systems Core (NS) and the Networking and Communications Core (NRC).

núcleos da área de infra-estruturas

Cores of the Infrastrutures Area

The Connection User Area (ALU) include the Microinformatics Core (NM), the Multimedia and e-Learning Core (NME) and the User Support Core (NSU).

Organigrama: Núcleos da Área de Ligação ao Utilizador

Cores of the Connection User Area