Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática

Web pages

SI provides a web hosting service. The data storage uses the AFS central storage system, so it can be configured from any computer with an AFS client installed, or through the Sigma cluster. This service can be used by:

Personal web pages

Personal web pages publish the contents of the web directory within the personal AFS storage space. The web directory is automatically created when the web service is activated through your self-service page. This directory is available within the home dir on the sigma cluster (the shell service must be activated to use the sigma cluster), or using an AFS client program.

Web pages can be visited using an URL of the following type:

Please do not change the AFS permissions in the web directory, otherwise your web service will fail. Do not delete, or move, and recreate the web directory: the new directory will not by default have the necessary permissions for the web service to work. For reference, these are the necessary permissions for the web directory:
system:administrators rlidwka
ciist.web rl
istxxxxxx rlidwka
istxxxxxx.daemon rlidwk

Group web pages

These pages are used by academic groups or other entities. They use the dedicated AFS storage for the group, also with a web directory for the page contents, similar to the personal web pages. Access to the group AFS area is granted to the group members with the necessary permissions set using the self-service page. Access can be done through the sigma cluster or using an AFS client. The AFS path is:


The group web page can be visited using an URL of the type
The slash at the end of the URL is necessary.  We can, on request, create also a URL of the type but such must be requested and checked against the possibility of naming conflicts. We can also on request activate https for such web sites.

Running CGI scripts and PHP pages

After activation of the CGI service by the user, the user can run CGI scripts and PHP code (which runs in CGI mode) on their page.

In the authentication CAS page it is possible to know to configure the centralized authentication in the web pages.