Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists service enables the creation of new email addresses for the purpose of sending messages to multiple destinations. The following types of mailing lists are available:

  • Announcement List where the messages are sent by one of more authorized announcers to a group of subscribers who can only receive email and reply directly to the sender of each message. The announcers and subscribers of the list can be configured in the self-service page supplied by the SI.
  • Discussion Lists, where the messages are sent to all subscribers. Configurations of these lists is done with the mailman software. When the list is initially created an administration password will be given to the person responsible for the group who requested the list.
  • Forwarders which forward emails from new addresses (aliases) to one or more existing addresses. These forwarders are limited to 20 destinations. The destination addresses can be configured in the self-service page supplied by the SI.

If the desired address is for a service that requires archives we encourage that the RT system be considered.

A request to create a mailing list should sent in an email addressed to the SI, and may be requested by units, departments, projects, services or events related to Tecnico. The service is enabled in the context of a group of IT resources with a designated administrator. A link to the management page for the group will be available in the self-service page of its administrator. Therefore the request should include:

  • Name of the person responsible for the unit, department, project, service or event.
  • Name of the group for this resource; you should notify us if you already have access to a group.
  • Email address for the list to be created.
  • Name (istid) of the administrator or administrators for the group.
  • Name of the people to include in the list and their email addresses.