Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática


To deliver advanced ICT services, enabling the ubiquitous and transparent access to all IST services, as well as the dematerialization of all academic and administrative processes.


Computer and network services at IST are commonly known as DSI (Direção de Serviços de Informática).

DSI manages the network infrastructure of IST, as well as the main information systems of IST. Since IST is also the central node for the network of the Technical University of Lisbon (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, UTL), DSI is also in charge of the main backbone services of UTL, including central firewall services, host of central UTL information servers and the interconnection link with the Portuguese Research Network backbone.

DSI has services at the Alameda campus (central Lisbon), at the Taguspark Campus (20Km West of Lisbon) and at the IST/CTN Campus (7Km North of Lisbon).

Access to DSI services

All permanent IST users (students, teacher and staff) have automatic access to the system and receive access credentials during the admission process.

For temporary access of invited researchers, visiting researchers, external PhD students and other similar situations that require some access to IT services, it is possible to create a temporary user access.

On this guide you can find support information about some IST services:

Erasmus student

If you are an Erasmus student and you need an e-mail and an interactive account at IST, you must contact personally our services at IST (check location below). You must hold:

  • an identity document and
  • the student number that was supplied to you by the central administrative services of IST.

Obtaining a network access

If you are visiting us and you simply need a temporary wireless access, please consult wireless access information.


  • 2 of nov. 2021

E-mail service is down

O serviço de e-mail está indisponível desde as 00h05 de hoje, dia 2 de Novembro de 2021.
A causa do problema está relacionada com uma corrupção de dados do sistema de armazenamento, que afectou milhares de caixas de correio. Apesar do múltiplos níveis de redundância que a solução de mail possui, …

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