Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática

Collaboration opportunities

Permanent applications

Recruitment of Experts in Information Systems, Networks and Systems

Técnico opens periodically vacancies for masters and graduates in Informatics in the areas of Information Systems, Communications Networks, Electrotechnical and Computers, Computational Mathematics and Web Design.
Highly qualified masters / graduates are sought to collaborate on innovative projects in the area of information technology, in a technologically advanced and informal environment, where team spirit and motivation are fundamental components.
Those interested in this opportunity should send the curriculum vitae, in Europass format, to (subject of the message “Specialist”).

Scholarships and internships

Periodically are offered internships to students of Técnico courses, for collaboration, either at the Alameda center or at the Taguspark center. These internships may take the form of contributions to the personal portfolio, scholarships for a project or fellowships involving regular collaboration with SI.

Internships may include projects and assignments in the following areas:

  • Programming;
  • Data base;
  • Operating Systems;
  • Computer network;
  • User Support.

These internships represent the possibility of collaborating in the activities of the Computer Services Directions, with advanced projects in the area, collaborating with a highly technical team and contacting the real problems involved in the maintenance of large systems, supported in a computer network of complexity high.

For the application it is necessary to send an e-mail to, with the following elements:

  • Letter of application, indicating motivation and areas of interest
  • Name, number and course
  • Year of the course
  • List of disciplines already done, with their respective classifications
  • Other elements it deems appropriate.