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Storage (AFS)

DSI offers the IST community data storage service based on AFS (Andrew File System) technology.

AFS is a distributed file system that users can use simultaneously and that runs on different machines. It is a necessary service for users of the web service.

Who can access AFS

All users with a valid Técnico ID can access the AFS system (Andrew File System), using as credentials the respective username and password.

The activation of the AFS service is automatic for the users that have already activated the Unix Shell service (sigma cluster).

To access to your personal AFS area, you just need to activate the AFS service in self-service.

The AFS service is also available for groups, as a shared volume for its members. It can be activated in the group section of the self-service page.

Access to AFS

It is possible to access IST AFS:

  • through a remote client according to the users preference and the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc..);
  • by Sigma which also runs with a remote AFS client so that users can keep their data stored. On login the homedir mounted in Sigma is the personal AFS area of the user. The group areas are available, for authorized members of a group, in the path /afs/ Therefore a convenient access method to the  AFS areas is to connect to Sigma using sftp.

For users the default quota is set for 10 gigabytes and for groups 20 gigabytes.

AFS configuration instructions:


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):