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Kahoot! EDU


This software is a tool for learning games, applyed to presential or remote didactical contents .

Permits the creationof new challenges and multi answer questions, or use pré-existing ones.

How to access?

The licenses are deployed only for teachers (80). Students can widely use the free license.

You need:

  • to Register at Kahoot , selecting Teacher or Student profile.
  • Use your to ask 1 license to

Técnico has 80 licenses expectantly targeted to all Departments and Courses on Campi.

Kahoot! can be used troughth:

  • a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  • a mobile devices app (smartphones)


  • My lessons have 200 students. Can all play? Yes: Kahoot! EDU host up to 2,000 players in live kahoots or assigned kahoots.


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