Instituto Superior Técnico

Serviços de Informática


  • How can I access the services provided by SI?

Access to the IT services provided by SI is automatically guaranteed to all users linked to IST (such as students, teachers, employees and researchers), from the moment the admission process is completed.

The following services stand out:

Authentication on each of these services is centralized through Técnico ID.

  • How can I retrieve the Técnico ID authentication password?

The recovery of the Técnico ID authentication password can be done in the following ways:

  1. In person at the SI’s personal attendance service;
  2. Mobile phone;
  3. Citizen Card.
In person

It is necessary to go to the SI user support, which is located:

  • in Alameda, on the ground floor of the Central Building
  • in Taguspark, in the room 1.46, on the first floor of the building (block D).

For security reasons and the type of services that can be accessed through authentication, the password is only recovered by the account holder, by presenting an identification document (Identity Card, Citizen Card, Student or Employee Card).

Via mobile phone

To retrieve the password for authentication via mobile phone, go to the website

You must choose the option “Recover password“. Then choose “Mobile” in recovery mode. You must now enter your Técnico ID username as well as the number of the identification document. Then, you will receive by SMS a code that you must enter on the platform. Finally, you must define the new password you want.

Via citizen card (only available with a Portuguese Citizen Card)

In order to recover the authentication password using the citizen card, you need to have the Autenticação.Gov  plugin installed on your computer, as well as a citizen card reader.

Go to the page and choose the option “Recover password“. Then choose “Portuguese Citizen card” in recovery mode. You must insert the citizen card in the reader and, if everything goes properly, you must insert the new password you want.

In case of difficulty in accessing any service, you can use the available means to contact the DSI user support service.