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Setting up Técnico’s Email on Outlook 2019 (MacOS)

  1. Open Outlook and then click “Get Started”.
  2. Here, click “Start Using Outlook”.
  3. Fill in the text box with your Técnico’s email address.
  4. According to the images in the document attached, fill in the following text boxes and then click “Add Account”:
    1. Email Address: Técnico’s email address
    2. Username: istID, in the format istxxxxxx
    3. Password: Fénix’s password
  5. To finalize this process, click “Done”.

And that’s it! Your Técnico’s email address is properly configured on Outlook.

You should in the end check the configuration to make sure that your address does not contain the istid. The istid is only used for authentication purposes (the username), it is not part of the email address.

If you want to view the screenshots of the steps described above, see the following tutorial.

Any questions you might have, send an email to so we can help.