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Installing and configuring OpenAFS in Windows 10

In the following sections, you can follow the instructions to install and configure OpenAFS in Windows 10.

Note: Before this process, you must install and configure the Kerberos on your computer.

Installing OpenAFS in Windows 10

  1. Open the browser and access
  2. Choose the installer “Windows Installer (64-bit)“. Once the download is concluded, click the installer.
  3. Follow the installation steps. In default cell, fill with ““.
  4. After the installation is concluded, it is requested that the user restarts the system. It is recommended to restart the system to conclude the installation successfully.

At this point, the AFS client is installed in your computer.

Configuring OpenAFS in Windows 10

  1. To configure AFS, check if you have a valid Kerberos ticket in the system.
  2. Open the file explorer, click “This PC“. In the top bar, click “Computer” and “Map network drive“.
  3. In Folder, write the following address: “\\afs\\users\a\y\istxxxxay“, where:
    • represents the second-last number of your Técnico ID
    • y represents the last number of your Técnico ID
    • istxxxxay corresponds to your Técnico ID
  4. At this point, you already have access to your personal area in the AFS file system.
  5. From this point, to access your personal AFS area, you only have to open the file explorer, click “This PC” and open the network drive that you have mapped.